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Social Media

Today, Social Media is all but indispensable to most businesses.  And the price is right with many free platforms to develop.  Athena Computer Solutions trains you & your staff to get the most out of your Social Media business presence.

  • Yelp

  • Facebook

  • Trip Advisor

  • Yellow Pages

  • Google My Business



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Facebook - offers powerful tools and a broad network of individuals, businesses & groups.  Multiple free and paid options are available to promote your services & products.  Learn to upload your own photos and videos, market to approppriate Groups, run Like Contests to build followers and more...

Google My Business - Many businesses are unaware Google may have created a free Business Listing for their location.  Athena Computer Solutions assists in gaining ownership or setting up your listing, and instructs how to do your own updates. Monitor and answer Reviews & Questions from the public, upload your own photos and showcase your products & services. 

Yelp - the original Review platform now offers FREE listings to more than restaurants. Showcase your own photos to describe your business & invite bookings and reviews from customers...

Yellow Pages - another platform that

offers FREE business listings and allows

you to take ownership of the listing &

customize the content yourself...


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Athena Computer Solutions set up our official Facebook page for us, showcasing our services & equipment - Clean Cut Property Services

Free Business Listings attract scammers; take control of your listings & protect your business!

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